S.I.F.EL. S.p.A. is a stable company born in the 1996 and founded on the experiences achieved on the rail catenary works.

S.I.F.EL. S.p.A is a stable company born in the 1996 and founded on the experiences achieved on the rail catenary works.

It joined STRUKTON RAIL group, an international and prestigious partner, because it is controlled by CLF S.p.A., the leading Italian company in railway tracks wiith a history of more than a half of a century. The group unifies business experiences with different specializations in the field of planning and realization of railway lines, tramways and subways lines. This fact ensures to S.I.F.EL. S.p.A. important technical, professional and financial synergies to face the market challenges with increased competitiveness.

Of overhead contact line

built, maintained and renewed every year, by S.I.F.EL. S.p.A

Construction sites on going

in Italy and the rest of the world

Employees and workers

located into the headquarter and the other sites

Project designing
Project design of electric traction systems for railway lines, tramway lines and underground lines.
Construction of power lines, low, medium and high voltage lighting systems.
Railway signaling systems and telecommunications systems.
Railway, tramway and underground power lines all over the world.