The President of Piedmont, Sergio Chiamparino, inaugurated the Alba-Bra electrified railway line this morning, which also allows the Cuneo municipality to connect to the metropolitan railway network of Turin.

The electrification and development of all the stations of the line were carried out with a joint funding of the Region and RFI of 17.5 million euros. At the same time, all the stations on the line, including the intermediate ones, have been redeveloped and made more comfortable. From 11 December, with the new timetable, the sfm4 line with direct connection Alba-Bra-Turin is now operational.

All the interventions, carried out entirely by S.I.F.EL., included the complete 3 kVcc electrification of the single-track section between the stations of Bra, Santa Vittoria d'Alba and Alba and Pocapaglia, Monticello d'Alba and Mussotto stations.

In addition to the electric traction fixed systems, S.I.F.EL. has developed, in Monticello d'Alba, the innovative Electrical Substation (SSE) needed to feed the contact line.

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